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If you haven’t already heard of Danette May, she is one of the most widely known fitness instructors. She has been in the fitness sector; instructing and helping people reduce weight and gain their desirable body for the past 15 now. Her experience makes her a very credible person, which is why many people prefer her techniques and follow her workout routines to lose weight.

The 30-day challenge formed by Danette is not as old as you might think; it was formed and released in 2014. This challenge is considered to be one of the best ones in a sea of various 30-day challenges. The reason behind this can be seen in the before and after images of her clients who got on the road to lose weight and gain their popular figure.

Danette also is a nutritionist and a Pilates instructor, she understanding her clients needs better and helping them form and gain their goals. She also has a few books about health and fitness on the shelf, which are highly information and a great read if you are into such stuff.

She has a philosophy of her own when it comes to health; it includes three different pillars healing movements, food, and mindset. She firmly believes that if you want to be healthy, then you have to do it right; eat the right amount, exercise as needed and reduce the volume of stress.


Danette does not offer just one type of program. Yes her main hit is the 30-day challenge, but she also provides a bikini body detox, bikini body recipes, seven-day jumpstart, and a DVD that will help you attain flat abs in no time. Each and every program is made to ensure that every person, no matter how they are, can easily manage to follow it and complete the entire program. She believes in making the lives better of the real people in the world. The meals she promotes are easy to cook, not too time-consuming and best of all do not cost you a bundle. Her exercises won’t require you to spend most of your day in the gym or at home working out; you will only need an hour to follow a relatively straightforward, but rigorous workout. All these programs and products are not very expensive. Thus they will quickly fall within your allotted budget. There are a few other programs as well that work on the same lines as mentioned above.


Her programs and products are readily available online and will be delivered to you on your doorstep. They also come with a money back guarantee if returned within 60 days. You will receive DVDs and books that will help you attain your health goal in no time.

The New you 30-day challenge

One of the most popular programs by Danette May is the 30-day challenge. Since almost everyone wants to lose weight as quickly as possible, people opt for this option so that they can achieve their weight goals early. There are times when people do not have much time but want to lose weight fast, find ways and programs such as this as a great thing as it allows people to drop weight in just a month’s time! Who wouldn’t love that?

About the challenge

We will try our best to list down as much as we can in this Danette May 30 Day Challenge Review. Every year, just before summer is about to hit, people vow to lose weight and attain the perfect beach body. Though it seems like an easy task at that time, it turns out to be quite difficult. Until you are not entirely motivated, you will be unable to get the desired results.

The best and the fastest way to losing weight is by getting up on a 30-day challenge, and there is nothing like that from Danette May. With the help of this challenge, you will be able to shed off those extra pounds and be beach ready in no time.

This challenge in particular aims to provide you all the information you need on eating healthy. The fundamental goal is to increase your metabolism rate so that your food gets digested faster and you lose a considerable amount of weight. The primary target of this plan is the excess fat that many people have, and they are trying to lose.

It not only about eating clean, but it’s also a lifestyle change that you will have to undergo when you take up this diet. It means that you will stick to this lifestyle after the plan has ended and you will need to make sure that you resist all your cravings. It seems difficult in the beginning, but once you get used to it, it will pass by a breeze. You will feel healthier and better about yourself as well and will not want to change the feeling.

The diet is not aimed to make you lose weight from only one part of the body; it will make sure that you’re wasting weight all over. Thus, making you look thinner, smarter and younger. Everyone knows when you begin to feel good about yourself, your self-confidence automatically boosts as well.

What’s included?

There are a few things that you will be able to get your hands on once you subscribe this challenge. These include:

  1. A step wise routine of the challenge for the whole month.
  2. An easy exercise routine – it may seem a little complicated but will get easier once you get into it. The aim is to reduce the toxins in your body.
  3. A meal plan for the month – it will tell you what you should have for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.
  4. An ingredient list so that you can stock up and prepare your meals efficiently.
  5. A list of foods that you can substitute the meal plan within case you are not fond of or allergic to some substances.
  6. Group support.
  7. Recipes to help you stay fit and lose further weight. 

The learning

The New You challenge is one of the only ones that ensure that you do not have to go through any unhealthy means to lose weight. The plan will make sure that you are getting your required amount of calories, which you can build your stamina and remain healthy throughout.

The biggest challenge for anyone who is trying to lose weight is to stick to the plan. The will power required to make it to the end of the procedure is difficult to come, and there will be countless times when you will be tempted and would just want to leave the plan. But if you stick to it you will notice that you have gained much better control of yourself, the way you eat and your life as well.

You will learn all about the foods that are good for your body and those that will act as toxins and cause damage. You will gain a better understanding of your metabolism rate; how it works and how you can control it for future references. You will also be able to gain the ability to stop yourself from binging of eating because of your cravings.  You will learn about the natural ways you can adopt to detox and lose weight.

These lessons will come in very handy in the future, especially at the end of the plan. After that, you will be able to continue taking care of your body yourself, and you will know what to eat to stay healthy.

The cost

One significant aspect of such plans that usually worries people is the cost. It’s not only the cost of the plan that you have subscribed to but also the money that you will need to use to purchase ingredients for the meals in the plan. Usually the two add up to a high amount that not many people can cover.

However, this plan comes at a lower cost than others do. Yes, the registration and start-up fee is different, but you will be able to cover the entire month’s fee and food in your budget. Since there are substitute foods provided, you will not need to worry about spending on an expensive product; you can just replace them with others.


The best part of this challenge is the return policy; you will be able to get a full refund if you ask within 30 days if you are not satisfied with the plan.

As mentioned earlier, there are many programs that one can opt for like a 30-day challenge, but most of them can be as expensive as $3000. This particular challenge is one of the best budget ones that you can find and is also very effective. You simply have to sign up with the instructor, and you will be able to get a good deal.

As soon as the program ends, the results will be visible. Your clothes will be looser, and you will feel more fit and great about yourself.

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